• B&B Group is a company committed to providing professional employer branding, high-end talent recruitment, and career planning services for businesses. We believe that only honesty, kindness, and goodness can create the most valuable things, which is the core philosophy that we have always upheld and conveyed.


    As a professional talent service agency, we have a team composed of industry elites and senior HR experts who are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for our clients. Our services include but are not limited to employer branding, high-end talent recruitment, career planning, and talent management, aiming to help businesses attract, retain, and manage outstanding talents.In addition.


    B&B Group is also a partner of several well-known talent service platforms such as Weibo Mingqi Recruitment, Qixiuxiu, Liebangbang, and Zhibanban. We will continue to provide more high-quality services and resources for our clients.


    Our mission is to enable everyone to enjoy the pleasure of work. We will continue to strive to provide excellent products and services forour clients, promote more people to achieve their career dreams, and jointly create a better future.

  • Liebangbang


    Liebangbang is a headhunting brand under B&B Group. It is a service-oriented headhunting company that focuses on providing and implementing high-level talent search, excavation, persuasion, hunting for enterprises.



    Zhibanban a career planning and coaching brand under B&B Group, committed to helping outstanding talents clearly plan their career direction and enhance their career development.



    Qixiuxiu is a brand under the B&B Group, dedicated to providing companies with services for designing and producing employer brand promotional content.